September 26, 2015


Kennel Rates

Standard Kennel Fee (25 to 30sqm in size) is R130.00 per day
Large Kennel Fee (40 to 45sqm in size) is R170.00 per day

Payable in addition to the kennel rates above R90.00 per day per dog (irrespective of dog size)

To summarize / as an example

Standard Kennel:

  • One Dog is R220.00 per day
  • Two Dogs are R310.00 per day
  • Three Dogs are R400.00 per day

Large Kennel:

  • One Dog is R260.00 per day
  • Two Dogs are R350.00 per day
  • Three Dogs are R440.00 per day

*Fees subject to change without notice

External / Internal Parasites

All dogs are treated, at the owner’s expense, for

a) external parasites (ticks & fleas). We administer either, 1) a spot-on eg Frontline, Fiprotec, Expot or 2) Vondi’s Khakibos Tick & Flea Spray or 3) Wondercide or 4) Smart Bye-Fly.  …. 2) 3) & 4) are natural products.

b) internal parasites (worms). We administer either, 1) Milbemax on arrival or 2) Diatomaceous Earth.  …. 2) is a natural product.


  • Small Breed @ R140.00
  • Medium Breed @ R190.00
  • Large Breed @ R230.00
  • Extra Large Breed @ R270.00

*Fees subject to change without notice

Bathing Rates

Dogs with us for three days or more are bathed on day of departure.


  • Small Breed @ R80.00
  • Medium Breed @ R100.00
  • Large Breed @ R150.00
  • Extra Large Breed @ R170.00

*Fees subject to change without notice


Our rates are the same for both in and out of season. Long Term stays (in excess of 30 days) qualify for special discounted rates. Long term rates on application / enquiry.

A minimum chargeable stay of 10 days is required for the period 10 December to 10 January.

Payment for short term stays is required in full prior to arrival. Payment for long term stays payable monthly in advance.

Payment Options

EFT to our ABSA account.

Banking Details:

Bank: Absa
Branch Name: Mall of Africa
Branch Code; 6320065
Cheque Acc No: 4097243005