September 30, 2015

General Information

Choose the right getaway for your best friend!

There comes a time when your beloved dog(s) require to be kenneled. For you the discerning dog owner nothing but the best suffices. We encourage you to visit our kennels by prior appointment.

The Requirements

Puppies can be admitted to the kennels from the age of 16 weeks.


Boosters (5 in 1) namely: Parvovirus, Distemper, Adenovirus 1, Adenovirus 2 & Parainfluenza, Rabies and Kennel Cough are a pre-requisite and must be current in terms of our Vaccination Protocol / Requirements as published on our website. Puppies younger than 6 months are required to have a series of Vaccinations / Boosters and Kennel Cough. Vaccination cards must be presented upon check in of dog(s) to the kennels. When making your booking a copy of the Vaccination card must be submitted. Please note that veterinarians do not normally administer the Kennel Cough vaccine unless specifically requested. The most widely used Kennel Cough vaccines are Bronchicine and Nobivac KC. No exception can be made to vaccinations not being current in terms of our protocols/ requirements so as to ensure the protection of all dogs in our care.

Click here to visit our Vaccination Requirements page for full details.

External / Internal Parasites:

All dog(s) are treated against:

a) external parasites (ticks & fleas). We administer either, 1) a spot-on eg Frontline, Fiprotec, Expot or 2) Vondi’s Khakibos Tick & Flea Spray or 3) Wondercide or 4) Smart Bye-Fly.  …. 2) 3) & 4) are natural products.

b) internal parasites (worms). We administer either, 1) Milbemax on arrival or 2) Diatomaceous Earth.  …. 2) is a natural product.


Dog(s) are fed Eukanuba pellets / kibble food ( Puppy, Small, Medium or Large Breed ) with a combination of cooked Chicken or Beef with vegetables. Dog(s) 12 months and older are fed twice a day whereas the puppies are fed three times a day. If your dog(s) are on a different pellet / kibble food or specialized diet this can be catered for. The dog owner must supply the alternative food. It is not advisable to change the dog(s) pellet / kibble / raw diet whilst in the kennels as this may cause diarrhoea.

Daily Routine and Exercise

Our day commences at 06h45 with an 8 point physical examination of each dog including playful activity and interaction by the kennel owner. The kennels are cleaned and disinfected with a veterinarian disinfectant product – K10. After the morning run the dog(s) are fed their meal. The dog(s) are taken out of their kennels periodically throughout the day for runs in a secure demarcated area. After the late afternoon meal and cleaning of the kennels the dog(s) are checked again to ensure a restful night. During the course of the evening the kennel owner periodically checks the kennels.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies rarely occur but are a fact of life. The property is occupied permanently by the owner so as to ensure attention is given to any medical emergency. Please advise us of all your dog(s) medical conditions, medication and dietary requirements on the Booking Request form and notify us of any changes.

Ensure we have your contact numbers where you can be contacted and the contact number of someone else who is not going on holiday who can act on your behalf if necessary. Provide us with your vet’s contact number.

Dog(s) Admission to the Kennels

Ensure you bring the vaccination cards, specialized food and medication. Do not feed your dog(s) for at least 4 hours before checking in. When you arrive at the kennel keep your dog(s) in the car, with their leads on, until attended to. The reason for this is that once your dog(s) leave the car it will be assailed by a whole new world of smells, sights and sounds, which can be overwhelming. This can lead to even the most placid dog(s) attempting to run. The time to check your dog(s) in will be relatively quick. We would have pre-arranged an arrival time and also a departure time with you so as to ensure a better service.

Prior to your arrival, the formalities and payment will have been attended to.

Once your dog(s) have been checked in all that is necessary is a quick kiss and pat goodbye. We will do the rest!

Your dog(s) are then treated for internal and external parasites (ticks, fleas and worms) … and off to the kennel to be acquainted with a new and exciting environment.

Dog(s) are kenneled separately unless dog(s) are a family which require kenneling together.

Going Home!

Dog(s) with us for 3 days or more are bathed prior to going home. Keep an eye on your dog(s) for a day or two after coming home. Dog(s) can be depressed or tired for a short while after returning home. This is often as a result of the dog(s) having made friends with his next-door neighbours and now misses them. The unusual tiredness is sometimes due to the dog(s) being more active by barking and jumping to chat with the other dog(s) as well as investigating new smells and sights.

Lastly …… your beloved dog(s) and companion will be well looked after and perfectly safe … in fact your dog(s) may even prefer to stay with us!